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About Studio lba

Studio LBA is an award-winning architect and design practice renowned for its dynamic and creative team, located in rural Scotland overlooking Loch Leven. We specialise in designing forward-thinking buildings and spaces for visionary clients keen on creating lasting and inspiring legacies. 

Our expertise spans a variety of sectors, from luxurious bespoke residential homes and comprehensive mixed use masterplans, to hotels, venues, restaurants, retail outlets, and sports facilities within the leisure and hospitality sectors.

We are also passionate advocates for building conservation and actively promote building re-use, aligning our practices with the industry’s drive towards achieving net zero. You can read more about our commitment to sustainability on the link below.

our approach

At Studio LBA, we are privileged to work with forward-thinking clients and to employ some of the best creative minds in the industry, working together to find economical, socially beneficial and aesthetically beautiful designs. Our approach and problem solving remain constant, however each project is individually honed to suit the aspirations of our client, key stakeholders and community groups. We focus on the principles that underpin a site’s community and context, coupled with in-depth interactive engagement to inform our design decisions. We collaborate to find sustainable design solutions which reflect our client’s vision, values and brief. Applying our design passion and market knowledge we value engineer our projects from the outset allowing our team to deliver design led, commercially viable projects.

We are all exceptionally proud of where we are and where we are going. Grounded by our core values; Ambition, Family and Trust, we are making today what we believe will inspire and connect people tomorrow. Our practice is built on the conviction that every design should mirror our dedication to excellence, community, and integrity.

Our values


At Studio LBA, ambition is the driving force behind everything that we do. We dream big, think boldly, and push the boundaries of conventional design. Our team of architects and visionaries are fueled by the desire to create spaces that transcend expectations – spaces that inspire and leave a lasting imprint on the urban and natural landscapes we shape. We don’t just design buildings; we craft experiences. 

The team is dedicated to ongoing learning and education, constantly enhancing their skills and expanding their knowledge, particularly with an emphasis on achieving the net zero targets set for 2030. We are committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and professional development, aligning our efforts with sustainable practices and environmental strategies.


Family is the heartbeat of Studio LBA. Our team is more than a collection of architects; we are a close-knit family that collaborates, supports, and thrives together. We believe that the most exceptional designs emerge from a foundation of trust and collaboration. Every member of our team brings a unique perspective, skill set, and passion to the table, enriching our collective creative energy.

Our commitment to the concept of ‘Studio LBA Family’ extends beyond our team to our clients, partners, and the communities we serve. We foster relationships that go beyond the professional, creating an atmosphere where every project feels like a collaborative endeavour among trusted allies.


Studio LBA is built on a foundation of transparency, integrity, and reliability. Our clients trust us to bring their visions to life, knowing that we approach every project with diligence, expertise, and a deep understanding of their unique needs. We believe in open communication, ensuring that trust permeates every interaction and decision.

Our reputation for delivering projects on time and exceeding expectations is a testament to the trust we inspire in our clients. At Studio LBA, we understand that trust is earned through consistently delivering excellence, and we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in every aspect of our work.


meet the team

Work For STudio LBA

We warmly welcome inquiries from talented and diverse individuals who share our values and vision. If you believe your passion and expertise align with ours, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please submit your application, including a cover letter, CV, and portfolio (not exceeding 10MB), to jointheteam@studiolba.co.uk

We are also enthusiastic about connecting with talented students eager to gain practical experience during their academic journey and summer breaks.

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