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16 November, 2023

baby congratulations

A massive congratulations to Emily and Federico Diez on the arrival of baby Thomas. We are very grateful for your keeping in touch days and continued investment into preparing our team for the APEAS exams!

Baby Thomas arrived on the 10th July, healthy, beautiful and alert. This sweet boy has melted our hearts from day dot and as he grows up, a grand 4 months this week, he is displaying more and more of his charming character, but also has the ability to give quite an intimidating expression when he’s not keen on going into his bouncy chair! He is strong and determined, exercising his developing skills and muscles with every moment, resting only when he’s exhausted from his efforts. His tenacity is inspiring, a quality I hope he brings through life with him.

I’m now half way through my maternity leave and have had some lovely opportunities to reconnect with the @studioLBA team through team events and workshops, getting to know the new faces and leading mentoring sessions for our Part 3 candidates to help them prepare for their 2024 exams. Though my time in the office with the team is limited and fleeting, it’s been great to be involved and stay sharp!

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