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Cambo House

LBA were approached to look at the existing Cambo House and the various event spaces on offer, as part of the successful exclusive use wedding business currently being run on the Estate. Following discussions, this led to the development of a wider masterplan vision for the house and estate, again working in close collaboration with ABC Planning & Design.

As part of this developing vision, LBA explored high-level opportunities that could be taken forward and developed in more detail. These opportunities included:

  • Appraisal of the existing offering at Cambo House, in terms of venue spaces and sleeping accommodation, and consider how this can be re-invigorated to suit current day needs and provide a more future-proofed facility.
  • Review the access to the site to remove cars from the principal elevation, make the sites more attractive to a wider range of visitors whilst ensuring there is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.
  • Create an innovative, contextual and sustainable approach to the masterplan to improve the visitor experience whilst protecting the existing landscape.
  • Access how best to connect the operations at Cambo to the wider estate and community aspirations.

Overall, the aim is to develop a sustainable and socially conscious strategy for the future of the Estate. This is not only in the stewardship of the House and the Estate but looking to new technologies, enhancing the community connection and support, to diversify the offering at Cambo and set it at the heart of the local community.


“LBA are an inspiration to work with. They don’t just ask the right questions, they preempt, probe and interrogate the needs of the project and ultimately delivered solutions that were better than we could possibly have anticipated. I would highly recommend Studio LBA and will be returning for more when the time comes.”


Planning Consutlant: ABC Planning

Structural Engineer: Narro Associates

Fire Engineer: Heritage Fire & Safety

PROJECT details

Location: Cambo House, Kingsbarns, Fife

Status: Various

Sector: Hospitality

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