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Situated amidst lush mature gardens, this B Listed property stands as a testament to its rich history, originally erected in 1885 as a School for Boys before transitioning into a care home in later years. Despite its storied past, the grandeur of its original internal spaces, adorned with expansive vaulted ceilings, had been obscured by a labyrinth of small cellular rooms and layers of alterations accumulated over time.

Navigating the complexities of this venerable structure posed a formidable challenge for the design team, requiring a deep understanding of its intricate fabric and myriad modifications. Yet, through meticulous exploration and careful restoration, the result is nothing short of remarkable—a splendid garden development brimming with character and allure.

Comprising thirty apartments ranging from one to three bedrooms, each residence boasts its own unique features and layout, reflecting the diverse architectural tapestry of the building. From ground-level units opening onto the landscaped courtyard to intimate attic dwellings nestled within the eaves, every space offers a distinctively immersive experience.

Complementing the historic charm of the original structure, eleven new-build affordable units seamlessly integrate with the courtyard garden, enriching the development’s sense of community and inclusivity. This harmonious blend of old and new exemplifies a sensitive approach to adaptive reuse, preserving the essence of the past while embracing the demands of contemporary living.

what the client has to say

“Having worked with LBA since their inception on a number of projects, the team continuously demonstrate their drive and enthusiasm for their projects and their client’s needs. This was again demonstrated with our Guthrie project where they successfully maximised the development potential and delivered our vision.”


Contractor: Square & Crescent

Structural Engineer: Quattro Consult

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Horizon

Fire Engineer: Astute Fire Scotland Ltd

Acoustic Engineer: RMP Acoustics

Landscape Architect: Rankin Fraser


PROJECT details

Client: Square & Crescent

Location: Edinburgh

Status: Complete

Sector: Residential/Conservation

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