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Passive house design

At LBA, our dedication to a net zero future is at the forefront of our work, reflected in our team of Certified Passive House Designers and professionals well-versed in Passive House (also known as Passivhaus) and EnerPHit Standards. This expertise enables us to design new and upgrade existing buildings to achieve exceptional levels of airtightness and insulation, significantly reducing heating demand and energy consumption compared to standard builds.

Our commitment extends beyond certified Passive House projects. We apply these sustainable design principles across all our building projects, aiming to enhance indoor air quality and minimize space heating needs. With Section 6 of the Scottish Building Regulations evolving towards greater stringency, we recognize that developers, homeowners, and landlords are navigating the shift towards net zero. LBA is here to offer professional guidance, helping our clients’ properties comply with these dynamic regulations.

As well as Passive House design, LBA also provides comprehensive support for Building Warrant submissions, including SAP calculations and dynamic overheating modelling, ensuring that every project not only meets but exceeds current environmental and energy efficiency standards.

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