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Emily Diez

Project Director

Emily earned her Masters in Architecture from the renowned Glasgow School of Art before embarking on an enriching journey that took her to Beijing, China. There, she collaborated with the Tsinghua University Design Institute for four rewarding years, contributing her expertise to crafting innovative city masterplans, iconic landmarks, and vibrant commercial and residential projects across China.

Returning to Scotland, Emily continued her career at LBA, where she further honed her skills and embraced new challenges. Achieving accreditation in RICS Evaluative Mediation, she adeptly navigates challenges between stakeholders with exceptional communication skills. Emily also serves as an APEAS chartership examiner, guiding and mentoring graduate team members to success.

As Project Director at LBA, Emily leads with passion and ambition alongside Lynsay. Her extensive knowledge and effective communication ensure seamless project execution and top-notch client service. Emily’s understanding of planning policy, technical standards, and contracts informs every project stage.

Outside of work, Emily’s passion for construction shines through personal projects. She renovated an apartment within a UNESCO world heritage site, demonstrating her commitment to architectural preservation. Recently, Emily completed the renovation of her country cottage, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

In her leisure time, Emily crafts contemporary jewellery and furniture, drawing inspiration from her architectural background. Balancing her professional pursuits with motherhood, she cherishes moments with her little boy.


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