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Jeff Manson

Finance Director

With a wealth of experience in finance, Jeff brings a unique perspective to the table, having worked across diverse sectors ranging from burgeoning start-ups to multinational corporations. Proficient in managing budgets, cash flow, forecasting, and accounts, Jeff meticulously ensures that every decision contributes to the growth and success of the business.

Drawing from his extensive professional journey, Jeff offers invaluable insights into the intricate workings of businesses, spanning client relations, marketing strategies, and management accounting. His expertise serves as a cornerstone for LBA, where he assumes the role of Financial Director, leveraging his acumen to drive strategic financial initiatives forward.

Ever the innovator, Jeff is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to propel the office to new heights. Whether it’s integrating cutting-edge technology or refining existing processes for optimal efficiency, Jeff’s proactive approach keeps LBA at the forefront of innovation.

Despite his finance-focused career path, Jeff has always harboured a passion for design, a passion he nurtured from a young age. While he initially pondered a career in architecture, Jeff ultimately chose accountancy, but his love for design never waned. Now, he’s thrilled to channel his latent talents by collaborating with the team on project photography shoots, contributing to LBA publications, and enhancing the firm’s website aesthetics.

Beyond the boardroom, Jeff thrives on challenges, particularly in the realm of fitness, where he eagerly participates in the most gruelling and unconventional trials he can find. Despite his demanding schedule, Jeff finds joy in parenthood, cherishing moments with his son, Howie, who occasionally brightens the studio with his presence, eagerly joining in on colouring sessions

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