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Lynsay Bell Manson

Managing Director

With two decades of professional experience spanning various sectors, Lynsay embarked on a journey that led to the founding of LBA in 2012. With a forward-thinking approach and a team of talented architects, the practice has flourished into a thriving mid-sized team, each member celebrated for their unique skill sets and design philosophy. LBA is renowned for its expertise in conserving and repurposing existing structures, as well as its innovative approach to new-build residential, masterplan, and commercial projects.

Lynsay firmly believes in the importance of strong cultural values and relationships in building a successful business, a principle that guides the day-to-day operations of the practice. Committed to nurturing talent and fostering career development, Lynsay dedicates herself to mentoring graduates and ensuring the team feels challenged and fulfilled.

Overseeing all aspects of the practice with the support of her senior team, Lynsay remains deeply involved in every project. However, her primary focus lies in promoting the practice’s vision and driving its growth and development. With a keen commercial understanding of the construction sector, Lynsay provides invaluable guidance to clients from the project’s inception, ensuring its viability from the outset.

Beyond the office, Lynsay is actively engaged in the delivery and operation of Orwell Farm in Kinross, a rural workplace she shares with Jeff, which achieved a Net Zero rating. When not tending to farm duties, Lynsay enjoys caring for and competing her horse and running her young son and his pony to his various pony club events and competitions.

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